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Terry D.Cheung

General Manager of Overseas Sales 

Emai:[email protected]


Icarebaby  is specialized in manufacturing and export, especially focusing on the export all kinds of baby products covering baby stroller, baby walker, baby cradle, car seat, trave cot, playpen, baby rocker,baby bouner, baby high chair etc.


Many big wholesales have long-term cooperation with us for our reasonable prices, efficient production, and good after-sales service

 Lcarebaby stroller travel cot sidebed crib bassinet playpen playard



1. Concept


Identify the products Need or Challenge


Whether you have an idea for a new baby product, want to improve or modify an existing product or want to reduce waste and material costs, Lcareababy can help you.  In order to meet your requirements and design the most innovative and cost-efficient product, please provide the lcarebaby Specialists a description of the application including the following information. 


Surface Types & Conditions

__fabric, tube, size, printing/ruber/embroidery etc

—–Metal – Painted or Polished


—–Plastics – Low or High Surface Energy


—–Foam or Rubber


—–Paper or Corrugated


—–Surface Texture – Smooth or Rough


—–Surface Contour


—–Coated or Uncoated




Special Performance Requirements








—–Peel Strength


—–Shear Strength

—–Compression resistance

—–Impact resistance

Environmental Factors


—–Temperature Exposure


—–Sunlight / UV Exposure


—–Chemicals / Solvents




Quantity and Estimated Annual Usage


—–Order Quantity


—–Estimated Annual Usage


Project Timeline




—–Completion of Total Project




2. Product Design


Product Design & Testing


lcarebaby Specialists will work with your engineers and designers to provide you with the right specification & designs for your need


—–Samples available upon request – usually shipped 4-5 days.


—–Assist with customer prints and drawings – allow 3-4 days.


—–Work with CAD files, DWG, DXF formats etc, to assist in the creation or modification of a design.


—–Digital microscopy available for tracing and measu

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